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Our professional attorneys at Balin Law specialize in Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Long Term Disability (LTD) claims. We have many locations throughout Northeast Ohio, and also an office in Toledo.

testimonial-balin-law-2Karen L. had applied for Social Security Disability benefits but was originally denied. She went to Balin Law and worked with Paulette Balin and made an appeal after she was denied. Prior to filing for Social Security Disability benefits, Karen was 61 years-old and had multiple cervical surgeries in her neck. There were several plates and…

Our Disability Attorneys

Paulette F Balin social security disability lawyer at balin law
Paulette F. Balin


Law School: Washington University in St. Louis

Year Admitted:  1978 (Ohio); 1980 (Florida)

Mira Chopra
Mira Chopra


Law School: Temple University

Year Admitted: 1992

Chad Delesk
Chad Delesk


Law School: University of Akron

Year Admitted: 2005

Andrew November social security disability lawyer at balin law
Andrew November


Law School: Case Western Reserve University

Year Admitted: 2009

Matt Shupe
Matthew Shupe


Law School: Case Western Reserve University

Year Admitted: 2012

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  • Balin Law is very knowledgeable in the inner workings of Social Security Disability and its procedures. Balin Law knew what to look for, and knew who and what would help me prove my case.
  • Lorrie was in a car accident and was left unable to work. Read about Lorrie's story in getting Social Security Disability Benefits working with Balin Law.
  • Lenore worked several years in the field of counseling and unfortunately ended up developing a lot of mental health issues given the challenging nature of her work. As Lenore got older on top of developing mental health issues, she started having other bodily ailments from knee pain to an eating disorder. Lenore is a tough cookie and tried to go back to work but just wasn’t able to. Lenore had to accept the fact that she couldn’t go back to work and realized she needed to take care of herself. Here is...
  • “I have a delusional disorder. Balin Law came highly recommended to me and in working together, I had a positive experience with the disability process and I was granted disability. I recommend Balin Law.” -Michael G., Balin Law Client

*Each and every one of our clients has specific factual and legal circumstances.  The above statements are testimonials of gratitude from former clients that are not intended to create an expectation of success for prospective clients.

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